Our Team

CEO and Founder

Vivek Patel

Vivek is a TechnoEntrepreneur and TechnoMarketer professional. He has 10~ years of experience in working closely with different group of people. His experience allows him to do business at ease as well as building a solid rapport with clients from different backgrounds including technical, non-technical, startups, small-to-mid size businesses, and enterprise level businesses. At thehubguru, vivek is responsible for overall company operations, sustainable strategic growth, team mentoring and retention, client relationship and retention, business development, finance, and bringing the change over the period. He mainly co-ordinates with key people in design and development technologies division on a regular basis to ensure the on-going projects are on-track and running seamless. Vivek is a definitive optimistic person, who strongly believes change is the only constant in the life and life is all about in taking on new experiences.
Team Leader – Hubspot COS Development Team

Bharat Patel

I have a strong background in web development more than 3 year experience in building websites on Hubspot COS and WordPress. I have experience to develop Landing Page, Email Template, Blog, Site pages. Also, I have experience to work with Hubl and Hubspot API.
MD and Co-founder

Hetal Patel

Hetal has founded/co-founded and managed four entrepreneurial start-ups over the past seven years. He has quickly gained a reputation as being a leader in both SEO and SEM marketing. From the initial client interactions, to project planning, to the design phase and into development, Hetal will be your PM until the project is complete.
Sr. Hubspot COS Designer

Rahul Patel

Rahul is a SR. Hubspot Designer, he focuses on strategy and design. He believes attention to detail makes the difference between good design and great design. What may seem trivial is often an opportunity to achieve something exceptional.
Sr. Hubspot COS Designer

Tushar Patel

Tushar left the world of biochemistry to pursue his love of technology. He quickly developed a passion for design and front-end development which has never left him, and now acts as our master of all things Hubspot. You could describe Tushar as a retired band member, back-bedroom drummer, video game fiend and zombie connoisseur.
Sr. Hubspot COS Designer

Sandip Patel

As a front-end developer, Sandip helps to lead the company in responsive design and front-end strategy. It’s a role his all-or-nothing approach to getting things right suits perfectly. You could describe Sandip as an enthusiastic traveller, new-technology lover, keen photographer and worshipper of craft beers.
Sr. Hubspot COS Designer

Rajesh Patel

Rajesh enjoys design more than Mexican food. He’s passionate about great user experiences and exploring new ways to deliver better outcomes. You may catch him reading about startups or watching reruns of The Sopranos.
Sr. Hubspot COS Designer

Mira Patel

Mira is obsessed with UI and enamoured by the evolution of front end development. If left unattended, he’ll beautiful mind that code all over your windows. In his spare time, Mira can be found performing in musicals, folding origami dinosaurs, drawing comic books or singing karaoke.
Jr. Hubspot COS Designer

Rohan Patel

Great designs, and brilliant interactions are both key to keeping Rohan enthusiastic about the web. When not pushing pixels or dropping code, it’s been reported Rohan has aspirations to regrow his flaming red moustache.