How It Work

Making the project possible. From start to finish

Our Process has been created and over time perfected. From the way we do business with our clients to the technical design and system architecture, our process is next to none in the Hubspot Development


Before we even give the customer a quote for the project, we need to gather all necessary requirements to see what it will take to complete the project, then we can offer a rough estimate and timeframe for the project.

Confirmation Development

Once our team has gathered all the requirements and needs from the customer, our project managers then create a design document to present the functionality, technologies, resources, and timeframes involved to complete the project. Once this is done, we send it to the customer for confirmation, and then send the contract for the company/business/individual to sign.


Once we receive the contract, our development process begins. Throughout this whole phase, we present a demo to the customer to show progress of the project. Our front and back-end designers/developers begin implementation following directions from the design document. During implementation, first there is front-end design, then development on the back-end, and then a final demo to the customer for approval.

Quality Analysis

After the implementation of the project is done, our testers begin fixing any bugs/issues with both the front and back-end of the project. In addition, they are configuring the project to all web browsers and mobile devices, depending on the project being built.

Go Live

Once testing is completed, we present the website, software, or application one last time to the customer for approval, and then launch the product for public or personal use. Then we discuss hosting and maintenance options with the customer.